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Herald Sun Sunday article

Fiona Byrne

September 30, 2007 12:00am
FORMER Secret Life of Us star Samuel Johnson has been charged over a bar brawl.

On Friday, Johnson flew to Sydney and met police, who charged him for his role in a fight at Star City Casino on September 1.

The acclaimed actor was charged with assault occasioning bodily harm.

Johnson contacted the Sunday Herald Sun to express his deep regret about his involvement in the fracas.

"My behaviour was completely unacceptable, I am disgusted with myself and I am genuinely sorry," Johnson said.

"I reacted badly when I should have walked away. I just wish I had walked away.

"I just wanted to put my hand up and take responsibility for my actions, out of respect for all the people who have shown me support over the years."

Johnson said he and girlfriend Sarah Hallam went to the casino with friends after a wedding.

He became involved in an altercation with another patron in the bar on the 17th level of the complex. Both men where ejected, but police were not called.

Johnson has been slowly rebuilding his life since his partner, Lainie Woodlands, took her life in February last year. Then he endured a legal tug-of-war between her estranged parents over where she should be buried.

Johnson took a long break from his career to help him recover.

He resumed acting in July with an acclaimed performance in the lead role of the touring stage drama Weary -- The Story of Sir Edward Dunlop. And he has also been an occasional co-host of the Conversation Hour with Jon Faine on 774 ABC radio.

"The Weary tour went exceptionally well and reignited my passion for acting," Johnson said. "I am a little bit more serious about it than I used to be. I am getting a lot more out of my work these days."

He has also found happi-ness in his personal life, enjoying a strong, supportive relationship with casting director Hallam.

The couple, who live in an outer Melbourne suburb, run workshops for aspiring actors.

"Sarah has helped me rebuild my life, so I have a lot to thank her for. I really can't see myself having done it without her," Johnson said.

"I am really enjoying my new life. It is very different from the other one, but I am really enjoying it out in the 'burbs with my girl and her little boy, who is five.

"And now that I am kind of caring for a five-year-old, I really don't want to be setting an example like this."

"You have to lead from the front with children. I have let him down, as well. I am forever telling him no hitting. It makes me just a tad hypercritical.

"I am feeling positive about the future, despite how negative I am feeling about this incident."

No court date has been set yet and the full facts of the incident are still being determined


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Sep. 30th, 2007 09:55 pm (UTC)
The man has no luck lately!
Oct. 2nd, 2007 01:44 am (UTC)
Sam Johnson back at last
it is good to be able to see that Sam is getting on with his life now, i used to love listening to him on Nova and then he just disappeared. i have tried to get up to date information on him as i felt for him when i heard about his girlfriends suicide but at least he seems to have come out of the darkness and into the sunshine with a brand new relationship, good on him. it was also great and a surprise to catch him on Thank God Your Here last week.

Keep up the good work Sam.
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