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Sam moving on

Weary Johnson moving on

source: Herald Sun

FORMER Secret Life of Us star Samuel Johnson is slowly moving on with his life after a harrowing couple of years.

Johnson's girlfriend, Lainie Woodlands, took her life in February last year and he then endured a messy legal tug-of-war between her estranged parents over where she should be laid to rest.

Not surprisingly, the talented actor has needed time to come to terms with his loss, but now he seems to have put his darkest days behind him and found happiness again.

Johnson, who is starring in the touring production of Weary -- The Story of Sir Edward Dunlop, is dating Sarah Hallam, a casting director.

The very private couple have apparently been seeing each other for a couple of months.

Hallam will no doubt be in the audience supporting Johnson when Weary opens at the Comedy Theatre on Wednesday.

August 12, 2007 12:00am


SARAH HALLAM: Attended this school for 10 years and now a major casting director for new upcoming series and previously for Blue Heelers. Current guest staff, 2007.

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