Anastasia (dont_cry_pet) wrote in sa_mu_el_j,

Sam Johnson on

Samuel Johnson, who also hosts the program, shot to fame in the tremendously popular television drama The Secret Life of Us, for which he won an AFI award for best actor. He has appeared in a number of Australian feature films, including The Illustrated Family Doctor, and hosted his own radio show on Nova FM. A gypsy childhood took Samuel all over Australia; his career has taken him well beyond. Today he is a passionate traveller, non-stop talker and charity worker. In October 2004 he rode from Sydney to Melbourne on a 33-day, 1000-kilometre journey to raise money for CanTeen, a charity that helps young Australians living with cancer.

The Bluelist is all about experiential travel, and with his curiosity and genuine enthusiasm Samuel was the ideal presenter for Lonely Planet television - he turned up saying he didn't have a clue how to be a TV presenter but carrying an audition tape of his own Bluelist - 'Sky-diving in Torquay'. He got the job - hands down.
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