May 24th, 2008


Life's lessons hard
May 25, 2008
A series of personal tragedies left actor Samuel Johnson barely able to function but now, finally, things are beginning to look up, writes Paul Connolly.

The classic recovery trajectory, says actor Samuel Johnson, includes a few "slips". "They don't tend to say relapse any more," he explains, rolling a cigarette with slightly trembling fingers outside a cafe on Acland Street in St Kilda, a Melbourne suburb he came to know - and ultimately dislike - during his star turn in the 2001-05 television series, The Secret Life Of Us.

The slip Johnson, 30, is referring to occurred in September last year when, a few months after he checked out of a seven-day detox program and while drunk, he assaulted a man at Sydney's Star City casino. Johnson, who features on Australian Story: The Sum Of Sam on ABC1 tomorrow night, pleaded guilty but escaped conviction for the assault in which he stomped on a man's head.

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